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About Michael

With more than 20 years' experience as a front to back closer and having sold over $50 Million worth of vacation ownership, Michael doesn't just talk the talk— he walks the walk. He is also a three time ARDA Award winner for Sales, and has been a featured guest speaker on numerous Sales panels at ARDA conventions.

Over the years Michael has trained over 3,000 sales executives at many of the top resorts in North America including amount others, Hilton Grand Vacation Club, Marriott and Wyndham, while still personally conducting more than 400 tours per year and maintaining a VPG that is more than 300% over the industry average. Michael has also been recognized as Salesman of the Year at every resort he has ever worked for on numerous occasions and twice in the past year has astonishingly sold over $1 Million of timeshare in a one-month period.

His training is not just a motivational seminar, or a training program rooted in presenting broad based philosophical theory on how to sell. He will actually teach you down to earth, and easy to understand techniques that are specific to selling timeshare and that have been proven to work time and time again.

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A Message From Michael

I'm excited to do for you what no one was willing to do for me when I first started in this business and that is to give you a simple and easy to understand road map to success.

My training material will save you months of trial and error and is loaded with hundreds of precisely worded High Gain Questions, Power Statements and third party stories. What makes me different than most trainers is that I don't tell you to, "ask more questions", I'll tell you the exact questions to ask, as well as the power statements and the third party stories I use. I'll also show you how to quickly build trust and establish strong relationships with your prospects in a very short amount of time.

As a life-long student of Relationship Selling, I learned early in my career the importance of building strong relationships and how they directly influence successful selling.

I look forward to sharing the same winning techniques with you that have allowed me and thousands of other sales people to have more fun selling while at the same time experiencing overwhelming success in this business.

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