I have personally known Michael Rowley since he joined the Pueblo Bonito team in 1996. During his first year in the industry he was recognized as our top salesman and Corp. Salesman of the Year and he has never slowed down since. Michael has trained my team on three separate occasions over the years with great success. His relationship selling approach was very well received and embraced by our sales executives. I highly recommend his training to anyone that wants to take their game to a higher level. His questions stimulate client participation and immediate action.

Eric White
Pueblo Bonito Resorts

I have known Michael Rowley for many years both personally and professionally and I am a huge fan of his approach to sales. He is a terrific talent and his methods are spot on. He has consistently been a top producer and I highly recommend that everyone that wants to excel in this industry should buy his book and CD. They are full of great user-friendly, impactful sales techniques and questions. His low pressure, questions based approach engages clients and can be implemented immediately into your presentation.

Shari Levitin
CEO & President
Shari Levitin Training Group

Michael Rowley is the Mentor’s mentor! I have been studying and using Micheal Rowley’s relationship based formula for over 15 years with great success. Whether you are a seasoned Master Closer or new to the art of sales, it is my experience that Michael Rowley’s proven techniques will enhance your presentation and increase your closing percentage!

Carey Lowe
Master Closer and Author of
The Burning Ceremony-a New Paradigm for Success!

Michael is the best kept secret in the timeshare training world. Over the years he has trained over 1500 of our sales executives with great success and the feedback and results continue to be fantastic. His training is state of the art and has helped us significantly increase our closing percentage and bottom line profit.

Rich Folk
Senior Vice President Sales
Wyndham V.O.

Michael’s ability to quickly connect with our sales team was amazing. They loved his training so much that the positive feedback is continuing to pour in a year later. The best part was the immediate lift in VPG that was a direct result of his training. The book and CDs are great tools that I see the agents continuously using on a daily basis, and have been a vital part of our success.

Sean Harrison
Regional Vice President of Sales
Hilton Grand Vacations Company

Michael Rowley is one of the most professional and consistently successful timeshare salespeople I have ever had the pleasure to know. His 20-year track record of success speaks for itself. Michael’s experience is priceless. I have personally attended his training seminar and I picked up some real golden nuggets that helped me “Take My Sales Off the Richter Scale!” If you are serious about wanting to have an extremely lucrative career in this exciting industry, I recommend that you do yourself a favor and learn from this master wordsmith.

 Rick Richter
3 time ARDY Award winner and
author of  “Take Your Sales Off the Richter Scale”

I have been involved with many different trainers during my 30 plus years in the Timeshare industry, however after attending numerous training seminars conducted by Michael, I can say without a doubt that Michael Rowley was THE BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE trainer I ever had the pleasure to observe and work with. Our sales executives loved his style and tips. Anyone wanting to take their career to the next level and beyond, needs to tap into what Michael has to offer. Let’s face it, you’re not recognized by ARDA on multiple occasions as one of the best in the industry unless you have mastered your trade. Anyone wanting to enhance their careers and maximize their sales skills should tap into this legend and great human being.

Dennis Burback
VP Sales Wyndham VO

Michael’s training sessions were extremely valuable and well received, leading to an immediate positive impact on sales. Our Sales Executives became raving fans very quickly as was demonstrated by the overwhelming requests to get Michael back for a follow up session.

Doug Hall
Regional V.P., Sales and Marketing
West Region
Marriott Vacation Club

I’ve been selling timeshares for more than 20 years, and have consistently been a multi-million dollar producer and the top selling agent for HGVC, and Michael’s training is by far the best I’ve experienced.

Rick Pfeffer
Senior Sales Exec.
Hilton Grand Vacation Club

My agents have been consistently using Michael’s book and CD since the training session with great enthusiasm and results. Our VPG and closing percentage has been up consistently ever since the training.

Mike Rice
Project Director
Westin Club Regina
Puerta Vallarta, Mx.

We were million dollar producers going into the seminar but still found your training to be invaluable. We love your relationship based sales approach, and recommend your training to anyone who wants to get better, regardless of whether they have one year or 30 years in the business.

Darcy Sherriff and Vicki Hardina
Sales Execs.
Cabo San Lucas, Mx.

I don’t go to sleep until I have read Michael’s whole book out loud twice every night. I get up at 5 in the morning and listen to his CD every day before I go to work. Since applying his techniques my sales have skyrocketed.

Yichia Sakamoto–
Sales agent,
Hilton Grand Vacation Club Waikaloa, Hi.